Thursday, June 28, 2012


Knowing love, I will allow 

all things to come and go,
to be as supple as the wind and 
take everything that comes 
with great courage.
Life is right in any case.
My heart is open as the sky.

Kama Sutra

Little girl, can you do what the Tao asks? 
Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself? 


  1. I need this so much today. Thank you. And also, for your words at my place.

  2. There's something about your eyes that hasn't changed one bit, bright open and clear, as if lined in kohl - yes the heart, open as the sky.


  3. You look like you were heading out to meet life with both eyes open and full of confidence.

  4. I agree with Deirdre -- there is something about your eyes that is still and piercing and exactly the same today as in that picture. Your children have it as well --

  5. What a great picture. You look like you had a million things to tell world.

  6. You always find the most perfect words.

  7. I love this. You had such ATTITUDE! it is inspiring.

  8. That is the most wonderfully darling, expressive picture and you really still look exactly the same, minus ribbons and braids. I was about that age when my braids (still braided) were chopped off by a barber. I was up for anything and reveled in the feeling of the wind through my short hair on the way home, but when I went to my room and opened the bag with my braids in it, I wondered if that was a strange way to get a hair cut.


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