Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Safe in the World

Oh what the hey. I'm opening up my blog again. I'm putting myself back out there, naked for all the world. It's like daring to stand stripped down before the mirror and say, Well, I see you there, and you know what, I think you're okay.

I attended a fascinating digital conference this morning for my job. The folks there talked a lot about efforts being made to bring more eyes to their websites, to get more people to link them, tweet about them, share them with the world. It's the mantra of new media, which is not new anymore, just the ever evolving status quo. And there I was, in the digital arena not just for my job, but also by virtue of having decided to blog, yet hiding out because someone loved a post I made and linked it on their Facebook page. Someone, an artist I know, was overjoyed to find what I had written about him, and he linked it. Why would I deny him the opportunity to share the evidence of how deeply his work affects people? And what sort of ego is it to think that someone who lands on that page will necessarily go on to explore the more personal posts here. And if they do, why not embrace that soul as an empathetic presence rather than assume it is someone who wants to poke holes in me. Where does this sense of not being safe come from anyway?

So I'm stepping back into the larger world. Shoulders squared. Heart open. It helps to know that some of you out there have my back.


  1. I have your back.

    You know, it sounds kind of trite, but we were strangers at one time. Who's to say the new people finding your blog won't be new friends? Truly, your words are so emotional and poignant, I would hope that any reader sensitive enough to stay awhile and look around would be a kindred spirit.

    On the other hand, you are going through a lot of changes right now, and if it makes you feel safe to have a restricted blog, do it - you don't have to explain it or justify it to anyone. Even yourself :)

  2. I like what Ellen says.

    Whether hidden or open, I'm glad you're blogging and grateful to be a reader.

  3. What ellen said.
    I'm glad you're feeling better!!

  4. I think you are wise. And you know- I have found the blog world to be incredibly kind and thoughtful. All these years I've been writing on mine and I've hardly had enough negative comments to count on one hand and the support I have gotten and the ideas shared...
    Well. It's been a miracle in my life.
    You being one of them without a doubt.
    But it's YOUR blog and you get to make the rules.

  5. Here's an "'Atta Girl!" And to paraphrase Miss Josephine Baker, you're not really naked, you simply don't have any clothes on ;-)

  6. Hey, I have found it to be a blessing that I came across your blog. So from over here in Upstate NY, I got your back :)

  7. Even though I don't comment (a quiet reader of most blogs), I'm pleased your blog is open again. It's kind of an amazing thing the blog world, how people come to know something about each other through words and stories. Thanks for squaring your shoulders!

  8. When I clicked on your blog and it let me in, I though, "Oh, that registration thing must have gone through!" And I hadn't even had a chance to complete the process! But no...

    Anyway, I think a link to your blog is definitely a compliment and an asset. It can be unnerving -- I've been through similar online events -- but I think most people are so busy that they almost never excavate more deeply than that single link. (If they click on it at all.)

  9. Well then, welcome back!
    Before people find my blog, I give it to them. That way, they don't feel as if they know something about me that I'm hiding. If I give it to them, the thrill for them is gone.

  10. I understand what Mark is saying, but while some of my close friends have my blog, I keep it private, and I'm free of censuring myself. Glad you're allowing yourself freedom and honesty.

  11. The basic truth is, I believe, we never know...if we don't show up or can't be found, what might we miss? And it is often true, there is no wrong answer. You will be fine. xo