Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Escape Fantasies

These photos are all from the fb page Interesting Places, and really, any of them would be a fine alternate reality right around now.

I bet the good folks of New Orleans, currently being pummeled by Hurricane Isaac, agree with me.

Thinking of you Nola darling and Glenn and all of you there.


  1. Mmm, the colors from the top photo, the pool from the middle one and the possibilities of those open windows and door in the last. And not a speck of gray anywhere. It does come and go. Part of my theory about happiness often being in spite of. xo

  2. All such beautiful escapes. Wishing you well today. Sweet Jo

  3. Those are gorgeous!

    At least in my area, things aren't bad. I say this because I am heady with being the first to get back electricity. It's people in LaPlace and Plaquemines Parish - where inundated with water like never before - who are really suffering. I just have cabin fever and can't complain about a curfew to protect me.

    It could have been bad here, but it's not. And I'm very grateful. Thank you for your positive vibes!

  4. Thank you for thinking of us down here. We've managed well here in the city. Further south of us in Plaquemines Parish, the news is not so good; but to paraphrase that old standard folk song, "We will survive." As for the choices of alternate places you offer above, I could easily slip into number one or number three. Number two, with its palm trees and pool and beachfront...well, forgive me if I can do without that one. I've had enough of water and breezes for a while ;-)

  5. Oh, Lord. Sometimes I even whimper when I see photos like these -- such is my yearning to "just go."

  6. Color. Color to wash our souls, color to renew our hearts.