Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Breathtakingly dishonest"

So opined the Washington Post.

Now I know what Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney meant when he said he wasn't going to allow his campaign to be dictated to by fact checkers. Paul Ryan parted company with the facts in an impressive way in his speech accepting the vice presidential nomination at the RNC last night.

I could go through and itemize the bold faced lies, but news organizations from Fox News to the Washington Post to the Daily Beast, indeed every journalistic entity that actually practices journalism, are already doing that.

Instead I will just marvel at how willfully ignorant Romney and Ryan believe their constituents to be. Clearly Ryan has decided he can spew blatant untruths and his base will swallow them whole, and I find it utterly terrifying that he might just be right.

I think it's time to paraphrase an article Ms. Moon linked the other day, in which the writer noted her exhaustion and disbelief at what is transpiring in far right wing politics and declared that she had given all the fucks she had to give, she had given so many fucks that now the fucks were on backorder.

Read the article here

I really want to give a fuck about these jokers, but I just can't anymore. They are so far beyond the pale in their war on women, the race-baiting and hate-mongering about Obama, their disdain for the poor, the disabled, the aged, the uninsured, and Lord, Lord, the lies.

What Ryan's speech did accomplish was have me pull out my severely overburdened credit card and send a donation to Obama. I didn't know quite what else to do.


  1. Have you been watching The Newsroom on HBO? The first season just ended Sunday, and the whole thing is on On Demand. I recommend it highly.

    Taking out your hard-earned money and sending it to Obama's campaign is a great thing to do. Maybe I should do the same...

  2. the rnc inspired me to do exactly the same thing with my own credit card...

  3. Great minds -- or even mediocre ones, in my case! -- think alike. So funny, because this is very similar to my post tonight!

  4. I've donated too. I need to do it again. I mean- what else can we do?

  5. Jon Stewart did a hilarious spoof tonight on the RNC's use of "facts that are not entirely accurate", which is how Rudy Guiliani described the lies. Any story is allowed to be changed to anything that will get you what you want.

    Think I'll give that donation to the Obama campaign now too.

  6. If the RNC inspires more people to give to Obama, well, that's not so bad, is it?

  7. Yes to the outrage. How can you argue facts with people who aren't interested in information unless it supports their twisted paradigm? I'm perplexed by this phenomenon of misinformation and truth twisting. It's shameful. Thanks for bitching about it, though, and for donating. What else can we do?

  8. I was in Florida during the RNC surrounded by people I love who were eating it up. They have no idea why I am a Democrat and while I certainly respect their right to vote however they want it was difficult at times to not scream. I'll leave it at that.