Saturday, December 15, 2012

She's off to The Ballet

Her young man's brother dances for Alvin Ailey and will be performing the lead in The Nutcracker this afternoon and they have tickets. When she told me she was going I almost blurted, "Oooo, fabulous! Can I go too?" But of course, I didn't. I remembered that I am the mama and said demurely, "How wonderful. Have a lovely time." And then I turned my camera on her as she rolled up her sleeves and donned her coat until finally she said, "Mom, I think you have about a dozen pictures now." Actually it was more. Life goes on, and I am grateful.


  1. Oooo, an Alvin Ailey dancer! How exciting.

  2. i love to hear about the younger generation appreciating culture. it's such a dying bread these days...

  3. My boys came out this afternoon. There were so many kisses and some broken things but no one got mad and yard walks taken and eggs brought in and snacks and Power Rangers and watching my husband with his grandsons. There were plans made for backyard camping. There was looking at pictures. There was sitting on the porch swing with a baby in my lap, us watching the world from there together.
    Life was going on. It just will, won't it?
    And aren't we grateful?
    Your daughter is so beautiful. She got that from you.