Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Someone posted these photos on Facebook of my son and his friend on the drive home from college, exhausted from finals, so ready to wind down. I love getting such unexpected glimpses of my children's lives away from me. I'd wager some of you will understand.


  1. I would love to see some photos of me and my friend Julia driving home from Chapel Hill to Atlanta back in the old days. We would have been sitting in the back seat of our friend's VW Bug, the car packed to the gills like your son's, our feet only inches from the highway (the floor was so thin!) --

    Good memories!

  2. The are so done in those pictures! I remember very well that feeling of exhaustion from just completing final exams.

  3. A thought these pictures bring to mind: Have you ever considered how falling asleep is a great act of trust and humility, submitting to a stretch of time when we are wholly vulnerable yet trusting in the passage of that time to bring us back to ourselves?