Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Something true

A child I love, one of my nieces (not the one in dental school) is facing a storm none of us saw coming, and since I cannot write about it without compromising her privacy, and it is the thing that is absolutely central to my thoughts right now, I am unable to write anything that feels true.

Well, here is something true: My daughter arrives home tonight for Thanksgiving, and my niece (the one in dental school) arrives tomorrow by midday, and my cousin from Trinidad is already here, and another arrives from Boston tomorrow night, and my niece is bringing a friend and one of my son's friends from college will also be coming through so we have a full house for Thanksgiving, all except for my cousin from Maryland and her two daughters, who are usually here with us at this time and who I will miss with a fierce ache.

Pray for this child I love. Pray for the doctors who have to figure out what is wrong. Even those of you who don't believe in a particular religious dogma, please pray, because what is prayer but the force of so many good thoughts coming together to help shape our malleable universe? And to dear Brittany who told me last week that I should read Brain On Fire, thank you. It was a clue, telling us how and where to put our attention.

Here's a picture of my kids from Thanksgiving last year. My son is at his EMT class as I write this taking a midterm exam. He got his terrorism awareness first responder certification from the department of Homeland Security last week. I know because I saw the certificate with his name lying on his desk.


  1. This sounds so intense, Angella, and I hope and pray for the best for your niece. The disease in the memoir "Brain on Fire" is one that a friend of mine (in New York City) in very knowledgeable about as her young son suffered from it quite recently. If you'd like me to put you in touch with her, please let me know.

    Love to you and your beautiful children!

  2. I am praying and will continue to pray for your niece that you love. Sweet Jo

  3. Dear Angella, May your holidays be filled with joy and love and delicious food and fun and I will send out prayers for your niece.

  4. all my prayers tonight will be for you and your family, angella. hold tight to the love that surrounds you in the coming days.

  5. You are something true. You are. Thinking of you and keeping your family name on my lips as I pray.

  6. Prayers mobilized, my friend.

  7. Keeping your niece and you in my thoughts -- which is kind of like praying, right?

  8. Angella, I wish all the best for your niece and for her safe travels through whatever is going on. And for your family, as always. May it be a good Thanksgiving. May you all be happy together.

  9. Dearest Angella, usually I send good vibes but in the direst situations I pray to God the Mother. So I will do that today for your niece, and for her doctors, and for all of you. I came by to tell you how thankful I am for you. I am so thankful for you! May you all be well today.

  10. I do believe in prayer and so I shall.


  11. She's in my thoughts and in my heart, dear friend. I hope things are getting better for her now.