Friday, October 10, 2014

Room to dream

My presence here may be a little sketchy over the next couple of weeks. There's so much going on and in the midst of it I am trying to meet a deadline. Today I am imagining being curled up in that space, Macbook on my lap, drinking in all that light and color and inspiration. That's a pretty fine workroom I'd say. If I owned a writer's colony, the work/dream spaces would probably look something like this. With real flowers though. And maybe also a chaise.


  1. Whoever did the decoration in that space is related to me. Now I realize I MUST find a bedspread like that one.
    We miss you when you're away, we're happy when you're here. We know you have a life. Just keep in touch, dear.

  2. Remember to breathe...Hugs. E