Saturday, November 15, 2014

This strong, independent woman is dearly loved

And she'll be back in the fold soon. She's coming to New York for Thanksgiving, taking a break from the rigors of dental school to join in the usual shenanigans. She calls that expression her "resting b**ch face," meaning in repose her face can look stern, even when she's feeling anything but. She says she's had that face since toddlerhood, and it's true! How we adore this child, watcher of every wacky reality show going, now a competent young woman, soon to have a "Dr." in front of her name, even if she did post this cartoon on insta this week:

Oh, I can relate.


  1. Can't we all relate?
    Golly, your family is ALL so gorgeous!

  2. LOVE that may see it on my FB feed! you will be back from visiting your mother by T-Day?

  3. Ha ha! Great cartoon, and yes, gorgeous.

  4. Oh this is me, obviously - the cartoon I mean.

  5. You all have such gorgeous skin...That cartoon is hysterical!


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