Friday, April 30, 2021

Savoring the moment

I had my first business lunch in a year, sitting on the newly built sidewalk deck of my favorite neighborhood place, with all the music of New York City around us (as in trains, sirens, car horns, pedestrian chatter). Gosh, it felt good to be outside, and to be somewhat social with a very congenial lunch companion, who I was meeting for the first time in person, and who wanted to discuss ideas.

I heard yesterday that I didn't get that other book, and though I was disappointed to be the pageant runner up and not the one crowned, last night I slept like a baby, whereas if I'd got the book I would have been spinning in my head all night, knowing that I'd have to bang out another proposal on an incredibly short timeline. Perhaps things happen as they are meant.

Dare I say it, I feel free. Free to explore random opportunities, to see friends without any deadlines making my breath shallow, to take the train two hours north on a weekday to have lunch with an older woman I love, to meet up with my old boss from when I worked in a publishing house two decades ago, who emailed me out of the blue this morning, and now we're getting together next week. 

It's liberating, knowing I have enough work lined up to get through the year (kiss it up to God that nothing falls through, now there's a throwback saying from childhood), but for the next few days at least, I don't have to engage with any of it, as everything has moved to the stage of being in someone else's court. The man and I are meeting some friends at a jazz concert tonight, Covid protocols strictly enforced, and said friends have all been vaccinated. Slowly, slowly, life is opening up again. 

Here's something joyful, my daughter and her five best friends since kindergarten, aka "The Six," all got themselves tested and/or vaccinated then spent the weekend together at an Airbnb in the Boston area, a house with a back yard that overlooked a lake. They had a wonderful time I heard, and this was a picture they sent to the mothers, who are all so moved at the way our girls' friendship evolves and deepens through the years. They are so different, each one, but they get each other, they are each others touchstone. An interesting note: the same orthodontist, visited back in middle school, was responsible for every toothy smile in this picture.


  1. It sounds wonderful, free time, time to visit friends, going out, getting together. We're deep in the middle of it again with record numbers of Covid cases because a lot of Albertans are selfish assholes.

    Your daughter and her friends look like they're having such a good time. Makes me smile.

  2. What a special time in their lives, and how cool is it that they are still friends after all these years. Those are some really nice looking teeth - good orthodontist!
    It's so cool that you have work for the rest of the year, and you can get off the hamster wheel for awhile.

  3. Well, being declined for the book definitely sounds like a blessing in disguise! Your lack of tension is palpable in this post. Enjoy this precious time of relative relaxation! Your daughter and her friends look so happy -- another reminder that we are all coming out of this mess.

  4. I love that you feel free. Yes!! Ah to take a breath, exhale, and carry on with the pleasures of life.
    The photo of your daughter and her long-time friends is truly beautiful in every way. Such a happy moment.

  5. after disappointment comes relief. and some time to yourself to indulge in with friends. sounds like a winner to me. and those young women. friends since kindergarten? impressive.

  6. Beautiful!
    Lis was just telling me this morning that she told her grandson, who is thirteen, that the friends he is making now could quite possibly be his best friends throughout life.
    I love that. And it's true. Look at those gorgeous girls!

  7. Things are opening up. It is a joy to see young people blooming! It sounds like you know how to savor this relatively free time you have been given. So true -- the music of New York City. The one time I was there it never stopped humming a background tune that I have not heard before or since, despite having been in other large cities.

  8. I like how you are looking on the bright side of your situation and looking for the positive results of what happened.
    I am enjoying "Heart of Fire" very much and am reading more when I should be out weeding more!
    Your daughter enjoys life!

  9. With the vaccines pushing out and things opening up, life is getting back on track. Lunching outside sounds great. Your daughter and her friends look very joyful. How very nice it must have been for them to be together again.

  10. Hi I really love coming to your blog because I seem to relive a special moment. This is really a very beautiful photo of the 6 and I just had to smile as I know the feeling that my own daughter and son keep in touch with their besties. I am so happy that they were able to spend time together and that we are slowly getting back to normal.
    It has been so very long since I have been able to blog or comment. I did something to my hand and have been wearing a brace so it has been difficult to type but I am able to take the brace off every once in a while and I take advantage of it.
    I have so much I want to say to you and so little time at the moment but please know that not a day goes by that you do not cross my mind and I smile every time I can go to your blog.
    I know that you were disappointed with not getting the book but the fact that you were able to sleep like a baby sounds like it was meant to be. Huge hugs to you and your awesome family. xoxoxoxo

  11. Beautiful smiles, indeed! I love when my sons bring their childhood friends around or I see them together. It feels safe, secure and solid.