Saturday, September 24, 2011

The colors and the sounds

Haven't felt much like writing lately. Or I do feel like writing, but during the hours when I might do that, I am usually making and having a meal with my mom, or watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune with her and calling out answers, and then running her bath and helping her get ready for bed, and get set up for the next morning, and by the time I'm done, poof! whatever I was thinking about writing has just vanished, which I don't fight because I got to spend that time with my mom. But today, I ran across this photograph of beads, and I remembered Elizabeth's post about her daughter loving beads, with those photos of Sophie wearing her beads, and also reaching for them with a delicacy and grace that I found so beautiful, and I could almost hear the sound they made, a cross between a soft swish and a crisp rustle, it sounded like music, and so I wanted to put this picture up and imagine the wind rustling these many colored beads, a dance for lovely Sophie.


  1. You should see me in this moment. I've just sighed a delighted sigh and have a huge smile on my face and a tear, just one, in my eye.

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You do good to mention my Sophie's name, to think of her and to write so sweetly. Thank you.

  2. Oh Angella. You have given proof to my belief that we find each other as we need to. Such beauty. Thank-you.

  3. It's a great photo!
    p.s. Let's enjoy this break together.

  4. I can't take my eyes off that picture! Thank you.

  5. I love those beads, and this post and how you describe the sound they make and when I visit my mom we sit together and watch Jeopardy too, and Everybody loves Raymond. The more different we are the more we are the same.

  6. Elizabeth, thank you. Sophie is in our hearts. Your whole family actually.

    Sacha, i love when you comment! how are you? almost time!

    Ms. Moon, i believe that too. what happens here is so real to me, the people, such love, not virtual at all. very real.

    Mark, i'm failing at the break thing. what is this compulsion to blog? i miss my friends here when i'm away. i miss you!

    Glenn, i couldn't draw my eyes away either. hugs.

    Deirdre, our rituals touch from across the continent. love.