Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dare Everything

"For strange effects and 
extraordinary combinations 
we must go to life itself, which is 
always far more daring than 
any effort of the imagination." 

—Arthur Conan Doyle 

We're heading out with our daughter to visit some colleges in the Washington, D.C. and Virginia this weekend. The whole applying to college thing is real for her now, and she's getting a little anxious, wondering where she will get in. Some fairly competitive schools have caught her imagination already, but she is hesitant to invest her hopes. I tell her to dare everything. Dream as big as she can. The exact right place will find her. I believe that, because this child of mine is gifted and wonderful and healing and a connector of souls, and as subjective and adoring as I am, I know this to be entirely true.



  1. oh my. that house is gorgeous even though it is in water. A small fear of mine, living so close to water.
    Happy College Hunting!

  2. Well, exactly. And can I live in that house?

  3. The best dreams have a little danger, something to lose. Like that house, I might add.
    She'll be amazing where ever she lands.

  4. Her only "problem" will be trying to decide where to go after they all accept her! Ours just took her bar is an exciting time when our babies fly the coop!

  5. Yolie, isn't that house amazing? i look at it and think of what it took to build it, and the dream that had to exist for it to exist at all. i love seeing you here!

    Ms. Moon, we can be housemates! which floor do you prefer? hugs, roomie.

    Rachel, yes! that's it exactly! that's the exact reason why that house seemed an apt metaphor for this post, plus it's just darned magnificent, which i suppose is what's possible when you dare. xo

    ain't a city gal, how exciting for your daughter--and you! she's done with law school and preparing to truly conquer her world. congrats, ma. you should be proud.

  6. Ohhh!! I got a chill that ran up my spine, looking at the water surrounding that house!! Not a fan of water! :(
    Your gorgeous daughter will get into a fabulous college... the one that was meant for her! She will. Yes indeed. She will.
    Sending love, my friend. ~

  7. Thank you, Gabriele! The house does hold some danger, as rachel said, but i can imagine it imparts some sense of the world's wonder too. just stand well back from the railings and breathe in the view! love to you, dear one.

  8. She'll be alright. Her Momma didn't raise no fool!

  9. may daughter get into the school of her dreams.... have fun touring!!

    (love that house!!)

  10. Oh this stunning photo soothes my soul!!

  11. Enjoy this time of changes, it is a real landmark, and I think your daughter will be a treasure anywhere.

    And that house! Wow.


  12. She will end up exactly where she belongs. It's the "not knowing" part that can be a bit disconcerting.

    Enjoy the adventure on the way to your beautiful daughter's future!

    Big hugs.

  13. That house is my dream house. My son is home for the long weekend and I keep thinking of you and your kids off to college and how effing hard that is and how brave you are how amazing and brave you are.