Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not in vain

I've just learned that arrests have been made in the case of the overdose death of Henry Granju, the Knoxville, Tennessee teen whose mother, blogger Katie Granju, tirelessly pursued justice on behalf of her son. Today's development is stunning news. For Katie, it means a promise that she made to her beautiful boy has been fulfilled. It means, too, that three fewer dealers are on the streets, ensnaring the most vulnerable of our children. I confess that as I signed petitions and blogged about the case, I sometimes despaired of Katie's ever finding justice. Today I say, never doubt a mother's resolve.

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  1. I cried last night when I heard. I am so so proud of her, so happy, yet very sad. But she's quite amazing.

  2. Overdose death and vicious, horrible beating. I followed a few of your links, and I think what strikes me with a "YES, TRUTH!" is how his father said at eulogy that maybe he was too sensitive for this world. That's how it is with my youngest brother, who used to write poetry and vomit every day before school with nerves. Life is just too much for him so he started with drugs quite young to numb the sensations of life. Others I've known like this, too.

    Good for Katie Granju, and what pain.

  3. Thank God, thank God...I am praying for justice in this sad, sad case. May justice prevail above whatever "laws" might or might not be in place when it comes to this terrible loss.

    A mother bear NEVER gives up! Henry would be extremely proud of his mother bear.