Monday, September 12, 2011

Good Romance

These were the flowers that my husband brought me on our anniversary. He explained to the florist what he wanted, lilies and orchids and roses that would echo the flowers I carried on the day we were married. The florist asked, "So how many years is this for you?"and my husband replied,  "Twenty-five years ago, you did the flowers." Yes, he went back to the same florist. His eyes were dancing as he related the exchange. He is romantic like that. And the blooms were perfect.



  1. Joy!
    You are a great team together!

  2. Now isn't that a perfect story. Love it!

  3. Gorgeous! A quarter of a century with one man! Aw yeah. It sounds like you got the right one, too.

  4. Elizabeth, i did too!

    gradydoctor, i know you know.

    Miss A, he feels like my teammate. it's nice.

    Mark, thanks, friend. how is school going? no, not for you, for your babies.

    Ms. Moon, truly, i would do it again. he is a good soul.

  5. wonderfully romantic, in the broader sense (the same florist!) and in the very personal sense. here's to 25, 50 more!

  6. Oh my goodness, how romantic. He is positively swoon worthy, Angella :)

  7. Congratulations on the milestone. Marriages are such fragile and strong things. What is it they are like? So susceptible to nano-storms (mostly in our own heads) and yet mighty arks that journey across oceans of time. Eggs maybe - very strong in the longitude and surprisingly weak to a random knock.

    Best wishes and many more milestones, Isabel xx

  8. I can't believe he remembered the flowers from twenty-five years ago. You must be quite something to make such an impression on him. I know you are.

    This is lovely.

  9. What a romantic moment from your life. I admire your husband's attentiveness and consideration towards you :)

  10. oh what a guy! They are beautiful and so is he for being so thoughtful. Congrats on 25 years!

  11. susan t, thank you!

    ellen, he is, i think so.

    candice, ahhh...

    isabel, if you recall, your comment a few months ago made a huge difference to me. i hope you know which one i mean. thank you. xo

    deirdre, haha, hold that thought!

    olga, he is a sweet man, it is true. thank you.

    Deborah, he is beautiful! love to you.

  12. Lovely! (And just a little bit envious.)

  13. yes, part of why I wrote the comment above
    last Friday we celebrated 23 years of an amazing journey ...