Thursday, September 8, 2011

I can see clearly now

This is the back to school post I never managed to put up. It was the weekend of Hurricane Irene and, well, there was a lot going on. My son went back to school on the bus the day before we drove  up. He had some pressing business or something, but really I think he was just eager to see all his friends. On his way out the door, as usual, I made him pose.

And then I said, wait, I want one with your new glasses. Yes, my son is now a wearer of prescription eyewear for the first time. He was feeling quite indulgent of his mother because he went into his knapsack and pulled out the two-day-old glasses so I could get a picture. He looks pretty cool in them, I think.

Of course, when we arrived on campus with most of his belongings the next day, he was already very scarce. He came with us to shop for supplies, he had a couple of quick meals with us over the two-day weekend, but mostly, he had already disappeared back into college world. My niece and our daughter happily hung out with us, however. There were laughs galore with them in Abbe and Notta land.

Everyone assumed our niece was our daughter and while I know her mother would have liked to be there, it was a thrill anyway, counting her as my own. I was going to put up the conspicuous consumption pictures, the shopping to equip our two apartment dwellers, but I think I'll stop here. It's their faces that enthrall me. Who cares about shopping carts obscenely overflowing with mops and detergent and microwaves and plastic drawers? So yes. This counts as the back to school post. It will have to do.



  1. Your children (and niece!) are gorgeous.

  2. Love the new glasses! I agree -- I'd much rather look at your family than carts full of twin-long bedsheets. :)

  3. Seriously. I don't think I have seen a better looking family. All of you, including YOU are really blessed! Love that you make your kids pose for back to school pictures, I still do too and I am proud to say I have them for each and every kid for each and every year!

  4. Yep, you're right, it's the faces that count. And gorgeous faces they are. Seeing your boy makes me want to lose 30lbs. I remember when I was tall and skinny. Okay, I was never tall or that thin but still, I could stand to lose some weight.
    Great back to school post.

  5. I am new here but wanted to say that I love your blog. Great post again today!

  6. Your son looks so thrilled to be made to pose. Just THRILLED! Well, he is as handsome as can be and the glasses only make him more so.
    I'm with RottenMom- I don't think I've ever seen a better looking family. You are all so very fine.

  7. This and your other recent picture-posts, make it very clear to me that you possess a special gift: the gift to treasure.

    I'm sure it must drive your children batty, but don't stop. They'll come around in time.

    In the meantime, happy hoarding!

  8. Your glass may be more than half full.

  9. One day your son's kids will love to see those back to school photos. And one day so will he.

  10. Elizabeth, as are yours! thank you.

    Steve, now they have graduated to double bed. who has double beds in college???

    Rotton Mom, i would love to see the lineup of your back to school pics of YOUR gorgeous kids. what a great post that would be!

    Mark, haha, you remind me of a story someone told me. a couple in their thirties were on a beach, next to a blanket full of cavorting 18 year olds in bikinis. suddenly the woman began to sniffle. her partner asked her what was wrong. she wailed, "i'll never look like that again!" pointing to the 18 year olds. Her partner answered, "Don't worry, they'll never look like that again either!"

    Pam, welcome! thanks for being here and leaving that kind comment.

    Ms Moon, you should see some of the past back to school pictures. he actually does look thrilled here, by comparison.

    Glenn, i think that is what i am doing here, treasuring, remembering. thank you.

    Stephanie, it is indeed. so i changed the title. thank you!

    Kristin, i hope this record will be there for them, and that it will mean something to them. its part of why i blog. love to you.