Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am under water.




  1. sometimes the most marvelous things can be seen while under water - the important thing is to swim and have open eyes!

    and not to forget to come up to the surface and breathe.....

    take care. xxxx

  2. I love the background! Stay afloat!

  3. I hope you are taking a nice long bubble bath...

  4. And I am throwing you a life vest, dear, dear friend.

    Keep reaching for the surface, love.

    Big hugs.

  5. I wish we could get some of your rain.
    Your posts below, about your daughter and your aunt and your lucky girlness and that you know that and that's not always so easy to see how lucky you are - it's so easy to dwell on the bits that don't work, which is kind of what I do sometimes - anyway your big heart makes mine bigger and makes me cry reading all of this and I hope if I ever reach 92 that someone near me will know how much I too like to have my hair stroked.

    I hope that everything you give comes back to you a thousand times over.

  6. Don't forget to come up for air. Breathing gets you through the night.

  7. Here. Here's a life-preserver. One of those round ones with the hole in the middle. Grab it and it becomes a candy lifesaver, brightly colored and easily dissolved.

    Love to you.

  8. Remember that the waves, if you let them, will wash you to shore where you will be safe.
    Sending love.

  9. How inventive you all are! Thank you for all those suggestions for how best to use my time under water. I feel, with gratitude, that I now have much more exciting alternatives than to drown. i can sightsee, blow bubbles, float dreamily, breathe, definitely breathe, and put my arms though a bright candy colored lifesaver!

    thank you all, my dear friends. this place is a sanctuary.