Tuesday, September 20, 2011

She's Back!

If you have a moment, clink the link above
and give my sweet girl some love!



  1. Good Lord! Your girl is so talented! Thanks for sharing her blog; I'm adding it to my cooking roll!

  2. ugg! I can feel my waist line growing! Can we order?

  3. Good for her, sharing her culinary ventures on her own blog! Like mama like daughter

  4. Elizabeth, from a woman who bakes such exquisite cakes, that is generous indeed. she will be so thrilled!

    Glenn, virtual enjoyment is safe enough. i, however, engaged in the real thing, which means i'm definitely trending in the wrong direction!

    kathleen, maybe one day, if she has her wish. thank you!

    Deborah, i loved the comment you left on her blog about cutting the holes by hand. i never thought of it that way. you are a true artist.