Thursday, September 29, 2011


Sunday morning, my daughter cooked up Eggs in a Basket.
I photographed her as she photographed her efforts.

This is my daughter's photo. Trust me when I tell you the
egg toasts were utterly delicious and hearty. Recipe is here.

Meanwhile, this is what the morning sky was doing,
so I turned my faithful little red camera on that too.


  1. How wonderful for you! Breakfast and a gorgeous sky to begin your day!
    So what is the recipe?
    Have a wonderful Friday!
    xo, misha

  2. Look at all those trees! And sky! And a daughter who makes light and food.

  3. YUMMY! And beautiful sky picture!

  4. What the heck is that little red camera? Those shots are astonishing -- but you're a pro, right?

  5. Gabriele, sending love to you, too!

    misha, the second photo is my daughter's. i added a link under it that will take you to the recipe she used. have a wonderful weekend!

    Ms. Moon, light and food. yes indeed.

    Miss A, it was yummy, both the food and the sky!

    Omgrrrl, my daughter is good and i am lucky! but thank you!

  6. Elizabeth, thank you! but no, i am not a pro, i am just a lifelong taker of pictures and lover of photographs, especially of people's faces.

    the second photo is my daughter's. she uses her dad's Nikon digital SLR for the food photos on her blog. she too, has been a lifelong taker of pictures, and she does photography at school, working with film and developing her own pics in the darkroom and everything.

    as for my little red faithful, it's a Canon Power Shot SD780 IS Digital Elph, which i had hinted to my family that i wanted one christmas, and when they didn't get the hint i decided to buy it for myself. i love that little camera. so versatile. we had given my daughter a silver one when she was in middle school and i loved the photos she took, and then i ended up using it just as much as she did. so i finally bought my own. in red!

    as a kid i thought i would grow up to be a photographer, but then went in another direction. i wrote about it here, when only three people were reading my blog.

    in many ways, blogging is a lifesaver for me. it allows me to write, which is how i process and maintain sanity, and it has allowed me to become reengaged with photography, all of it in a self-expressed non pressured way.

    and best of all, dear elizabeth, it has led me to people like you!

  7. Yum indeed! You are both gifted in so many ways! Great photos - thanks for the breakfast inspiration, I haven't cooked eggs in a basket in years.

    I agree with your comment about blogging being a lifesaver, and a lifeline to the most wonderful people I might have never found otherwise. XO

  8. Mel, blogging has expanded my community of souls in the most wonderful ways. i wake up eager to learn how all my blog friends are doing today.

    Mark, you see what i live with? now you know why i'm not as svelte as you!

  9. Angella, your daughter is such a natural nurturer. To me, food is the purest form of providing nurturing that we can provide for another human being and your daughter does it so beautifully and lovingly. It is apparent that she gets great pleasure out of feeding the people she loves. That is pure sweetness. What a lovely person you have raised into this world where more sweetness is so needed.

    That last photo is absolutely gorgeous! I read what you wrote here in the comments about your childhood dream of becoming a photographer. I sensed that from so many of your beautiful photos on this blog. I had a darkroom set up in my basement as a child and I took great pleasure in creating art through photography. My second daughter is a photographer with such natural talent and ability. I now realize that maybe a small amount of that might have been passed down from me and I sometimes wonder if I could have pursued it...

    And finally, ah yes; These blogs are definitely lifesavers, aren't they? They enable us to pour out, to be who we are at our essences, to explore in a somehow safe feeling environment. But most importantly and something that I never anticipated, to connect with our soul-sisters and brothers. I love it!

  10. That looks really good...and now I'm hungry! :)

  11. It's nearly lunch time here. Think I will have to have eggs ...
    Isabel x