Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Abbe and Notta

A little history on the names: Abbe's full name is Abbe Normal and Notta's is Notta Normal, and I even got into the act as Mama P, for Para, the full name being Para Normal. We are the Normal women. Who gave us these names? Our beloved husband, father, uncle, with great affection as he watched our shenanigans, shaking his bewildered head. We have become rather fond of our monikers, and sometimes, when we're not paying attention and being our true unfettered selves, they fit us more than we like to admit. We now have a saying: "Well, that was a Normal moment." Meaning exactly the opposite, of course.



  1. seems to be an epidemic of normalcy going around....i dont know whether to run toward it, or away from it.

    (btw: your daughter is so amazingly dynamic, she makes a still photograph read like video.)

  2. susan t., what a lovely thing to say about my girl. her good soulness does shine. i see it and marvel at it every day. and i would say one should run towards "normalcy" of this sort at all times. there are often laughs involved so how can that be bad? love to you.

  3. I love it! What great names for great women who do not feel the need to be normal!

  4. Why, thank you, dear Mary Moon. I will take that!

  5. Ha!!
    Joy . You no doubt bring in forth in such abundance.

  6. Love it!!!
    And your daughter is just drop dead gorgeous! And so is your niece!
    Wow. Feeling very unglamorous right now (or all time), but that's okay. Love that the young ladies are taking over!

  7. Love it. I just went to a book signing of a blogger, and we all addressed ourselves as our blog names. Probably very strange to others, but it worked for us.

  8. Pam, nice to see you!

    deb! darling deb, how are you?

    Elizabeth, hugs, dear friend.

    Miss A, how could you ever feel unglamorous? You are gorgeous! Inside and out.

    Expat mom, blog names are our true identities, too! sometimes, the truest!