Saturday, November 19, 2011

Everybody's home

They're all here for Thanksgiving week, my son and my niece home from college, his girlfriend here from England, her boyfriend here from Jamaica, and my cousin and her two daughters, and two more cousins, arriving from Maryland and Boston and Trinidad on Wednesday, all sleeping under this little roof of ours. I exhale when all my babies are home and content. And my, they all seem very content, especially the love birds.

My girl got her first quarter grades on Thursday, and they were stellar. This should help the college endeavor. Those are her boots, kicked off in the kitchen. She wrote one of her college essays about those boots, something about going places. I believe it.


  1. This little post, including the lovely photo, just gave me a feeling of pure pleasure. It just all sounds so nice and homey and cozy and I'm glad your chickens are all home for the holidays.

  2. I'm glad everyone's home safe! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. They go and then they come home. And it's wonderful! (But it's sort of nice when they go again...)

  4. Oh, I believe it too!

    Sounds like it's going to be a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. Hey, those boots look like my boots! Would that I could stand in the warmth of your kitchen in my boots. I think you are the bravest woman in the world they way you carry the whole damned planet around in your heart and never let anything slip.

  6. Wonderful. Enjoy it to the max. You deserve it. And I love those boots!

    love d

  7. Elizabeth, it does feel cozy amid the mess of laptop cords running across the coffee table. thank you dear one for sharing in it.

    Steve, thank you, friend! you, too!

    Ms. Moon, they haven't been here long enough for me to appreciate the going again yet. i'm just drinking them in. the house is messy though! but i guess that's the tradeoff. hugs.

    Denise M., i think it will be. i hope yours with your greekalicious man sings too.

    Rebecca, i find it so cool that you and my girl have the same taste in boots. hipster, she tells me, but not. i wish you could stand in my kitchen too, and i hope you would forgive all the things that do slip, all the time. love.

    Deirdre, i looked down and saw those boots kicked off with all the essence of the girl still around them and i went for my camera. thanks for appreciating. xo

  8. There is nothing quite as wonderful as when the chickadees are home in the nest.

  9. Contentment settles over me as I read of all the birds flocking to your nest, of cooking clubs and sweethearts. I find a fullness of life when I read here, the joy of population. It is different than my experience and I appreciate the contrast, the way in which disparate situations can be equally wonderful. It warms me to be among all of you. xo