Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Saturday night we went to a friend's 50th birthday party and did the social thing. My husband looked very handsome in his navy blue button down with the cuffs rolled up and his forearms dark and strong, but I didn't get a picture. We enjoyed bumping into each other in the crowded room; it felt like coming back to base periodically. That's the thing when you're cruising with a partner and the two of you are good. No matter what the scene, you can have a great time just locking eyes across the room.


  1. You and your husband: hotness!
    I have the feeling that he seldoms takes his eyes off of you, and that you are very aware of his presence. Don't know if you understand what I mean. But it's a mixture of seduction, protection and familiarity. Love it!

  2. So tell us, did you "bump" into each other in the coat closet too?
    Your Friend, m.

  3. Ms. Moon *big smile*

    Miss A, oooo, i love that: seduction, protection, familiarity. all that. thank you for naming it!

    Mark, um, coat ROOM (you naughty boy.)

    gradydoc, i have a feeling you do...

  4. A short, but very sweet love story.
    I could totally visualize you two.

  5. Gabriele! long time no see, friend. always a joy.