Monday, November 7, 2011

After the Marathon

Some of the gang got together to watch the New York marathon on Sunday, and the parents were there, too, because after all, we have our own gang. It's quite lovely when the two gangs, young and old, hang out together, which made Sunday a rather charmed day. Here is the young crew at dinner. I forgot to take my camera, and then winced at all the wonderful shots I was missing, so my friend Isabella took this with her iPhone and emailed it to me. Aren't our babies so grown? And yet, when they get together, these lovely teens who have been together since age 5, they revert to their usual playful puppy-like behavior, which makes their parents' gaze at them and then look at each other happily and breathe an inward Ahhhh.


  1. So it's a little blurry. I still "get it" and love it.
    I hope this has taught you to bring your camera with you at all times.

  2. exactly what I say too.

  3. How wonderful for all of them. I am 40 and still have friends that I met when I was 5. It is an amazing feeling.