Saturday, February 2, 2013


You may recall that my daughter chose her high school based on the fact that its dining hall looked like something out of Harry Potter. Well, now she lives in a place with libraries, one in particular, that could have existed within the fictional Hogwarts Castle. It's sort of magical the way this girl creates her world.

Speaking of creating worlds, I was in a happy, silly mood yesterday. First, I could not stop laughing over this VW Super Bowl commercial, despite the debate among my coworkers about whether it was offensive or not. A whole article appeared on about how the ad makes a mockery of the Jamaican accent, and therefore Jamaicans. Meanwhile the Jamaican minister of tourism and entertainment says the ad is "a perfect illustration of Jamaica's global reach" and considers the commercial all in good fun. I am Jamaican born, and I am not in the least bit offended by the commercial. And furthermore, Jamaican singer Jimmy Cliff is getting paid for his remake of the jingle "Come on, Get Happy," every time the ad runs. Lighten up, people. There is so much to get offended by in the world. This isn't it.

Then, browsing over to, I happened on a story about Thursday's senate confirmation hearings for Obama's Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel. The story was titled "Fluster Chuck." Yes, the hearing was full of grandstanding buffonery, and Hagel was somewhat flummoxed by some of what came at him, but my response had nothing to do with politics. The headline just struck my funny bone and once again, I couldn't stop laughing. Even when I came home and tried to tell my husband about it during our Friday night libations, I found myself dissolving into giggles before I could even get the story out, kind of like my Aunt Maisy would do. And sure enough, he was laughing before he even heard what I was trying to tell him, so far gone was I.

Maybe after the week that was, I'm finally learning how to operate my pressure release valve. May it ever function the way it did yesterday.


  1. As I said in my post today, it's all about foolishness. Which can save your life.
    And yeah- why do people get so up in arms about such stupid shit? Do they not have lives?

  2. Thank goodness for having a sense of humor, right? I honestly don't think I'd be alive if I didn't just arbitrarily have a sense of humor.

    As for the library pic -- gorgeous. I have written paeans to my college library on my own blog such was its influence on me.

  3. I had to watch that commercial three times yesterday because I couldn't stop laughing. I think it's genius, but, of course, I'm not Jamaican. I'm glad that you, as a Jamaican, find it just as delightful as I do. Keep in good spirits, sister.

  4. "Fluster Chuck." That's good to know and keep in mind. Next time the downers are circling you, one of us can toss that phrase back at you like a life preserver ;-)

  5. I am so glad you had such a good day. It's not often that I dissolve in giggles any more, now that I think of it.

  6. That is an incredible library. Wow.

    "Fluster Chuck" -- love it! Writing headlines really is an art form. They weren't my strong suit, but some editors are clever that way.

  7. I have that kind of mood sometimes, too. It kinda freaks out my kids, but I can't help it.

  8. By chance I happened upon your blog. Chance? Probably not. Meant to be...I loved this post and your attitude about life and when you said there is much to be offended about in life...this isn't it. I couldn't help but nod my head and smile. I'm off to explore your world here...glad I happened to pop in!

  9. Oh...that library! It reminds me of that scene in Philip Roth's Goodbye Columbus when the little boy is looking at the Gauguin books in the racks - so lovely!

    My pressure gauge is WAY off this week. I admire your calm. And I've missed reading your words! xo


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