Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Peace Out

"The longest part of the journey
 is said to be the passing of the gate."

—Marcus Terentius Varro

I have no idea who that Marcus person is. He's a Roman philosopher I believe. I just like the quote because it captures how hard it is for me to embark on a journey. The planning and packing. The confronting myself in considerations of what I will wear, who I will see. It's so much easier once you're committed, the bags on the conveyer belt and you, passport and tickets in hand, people-watching at the gate. I long to see my mother. I wish there were some teleporting trick that would just beam me there. Tomorrow, we travel. Maybe I will post while we are in Jamaica. If not, I'll catch up with you when we return.


  1. I know all of this exactly and to my bones, right up to the sincere and utter wish for instant teleportation.
    Peace, baby.

  2. So with you on that desire for instant teleportation.

    Hope you have a wonderful time!!

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I obsess over what to pack for days and never have what I wish I did when I got there. Daughter and I were just longing for teleportation this week, sitting in traffic wishing to be home.

    We'll be travelling more this month than ever before in our lives so I will think of you, hoping your travels are safe and happy ones, and that you have the best of visits with your lovely mother.


  4. I recommend under packing. I am considering a uniform of some kind, like monks robes. I would like to eliminate this whole what to wear dilemma. Of course, I love clothes and fashion too much give up completely but maybe for a short stretch of time?
    Safe travels.

  5. My husband was supposed to invent such a machine, unfortunately he did not. Wishing you safe and happy travels! And a joyful reunion with your mother!!

  6. Safe travels, Angella. I'll miss you. I hope that you find peace there, with your dear and beautiful mama.

  7. Oh you're gone and i've missed you. Your mother is beautiful and she is 91, the same age as my dad. Travel safely, I know you are loved. Your huge heart.

    xo dd

  8. Teleportation would also eliminate the over-thinking in general before significant journeys, we could figure it out once we get there. Wishing you all that you hope for and a safe return. xo

  9. We love you. And you know? I just realized that we love your mother, too. Travel safely. Be peaceful. Take pictures, too. Not because of us but because I know that nourishes your soul. So do those things that nourish your soul while you are there. Which, of course, includes feeling and seeing and being with your mother.

    So much love to you,