Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The night before we left Jamaica to fly back to New York, after my mother had been bathed and was ensconced in her bed, her granddaughters, all three, climbed in around her. As my nieces, 23 and 11, watched Minute to Win It, or maybe it was Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? on the television in the corner, my daughter knelt beside my mother and held her hand, the two of them whispering about I know not what. At a certain point I looked up from the recliner at the foot of the bed, where I was reclined, and I thought how beautiful they all are, how intimately connected, and I picked up my daughter's phone, which was closest and snapped the picture. Perhaps I will post more pictures in days to come, but for now this moment says everything there is to say about our time with my mom. Absolutely everything is right there, ready to be read, understood, accepted, inferred.

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  1. For some reason, this post disappeared from my blog, and I have tried to recreate it, because it was a moment that mattered to me. And all your comments mattered deeply, too, so generous and loving they were, so right there with me in the most supportive way. I was grateful for them. And since your comments were still in my comments feed, even though the post was not, I was able to grab them and copy them here. The formatting may be wacky, but here they are, and thank you.

    These photos made me gasp. Intimate, tender, true. Many thanks to you, Angella, for this gift of sharing. xT. on Everything
    T. Clear
    on 7/12/13

    oh yes and I've been in that bed I know it but never seen so much beauty there on Everything
    on 7/11/13

    Oh, what a sweet moment. I love the 'We heart U so much' sign :) Your niece holding your mother's hand reminds me of when I held my mother's hand when she was in the hospital in January; her posture, the way she looks up at your mother. Angella, I am so glad you went. on Everything
    on 7/11/13

    And this is exactly how a family should be. xo on Everything
    on 7/10/13

    Welcome back! I've been checking for pictures while you were gone. This was a special time for all of you. The moment is captured forever in that photo. Thank you so much for sharing! Please keep em coming :) on Everything
    on 7/10/13

    Angella - I have never seen anything so incredible. You have done something so very right with your children. I wish this loving peace for the whole world. Sweet Jo on Everything
    on 7/10/13

    the company and life force of women. thank you so much for sharing this with us, angella. such extraordinary intimacy. on Everything
    susan t. landry
    on 7/10/13

    I see it. That photo makes me think I hear and see and feel literal breathing. Life. Young, old, just wow. on Everything
    on 7/10/13

    The cup runneth over. Wow. on Everything
    on 7/10/13

    Precious & priceless! From your mom and her babies to the hand-drawn sign over the bed to the lamplight's glow... all precious & priceless. on Everything
    on 7/9/13

    LOVE this post! Just perfect. on Everything
    Andrea Kelleher
    on 7/9/13

    My goodness, the relationships in your family are something truly special. Your connections all seem so strong. on Everything
    Vesuvius At Home
    on 7/9/13

    This feels, looks, is familiar. I am very moved right now. For you, your daughter, your nieces, your mom. And for me. This reminded me of late nights in my grandma's bed. I miss everything about her, including our laughter when she removed her teeth. God I miss her but I am so happy at the same time. on Everything
    Miss A
    on 7/9/13

    Angella, you HAVE captured it all, everything. So beautiful. on Everything
    on 7/9/13

    Oh, my eyes filled with tears to witness the tenderness between your daughter and your mother. It is indescribably beautiful. Thank goodness you grabbed the photo to capture that kiss on her hand. Safe travels. xo on Everything
    on 7/9/13

    Beautiful, Angella, and - as you suggest - somehow complete and not needing any elaboration. xoxo on Everything
    Claire Beynon
    on 7/9/13

    Oh, Angella. My heart overflows here. on Everything
    Ms. Moon
    on 7/9/13