Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Girl

I am absolutely loving having my girl home this summer. As tired as she is when her evening shift at the restaurant is done, she's enjoying working among all those organic foodies and struggling wannabe actors. We watch our TV shows together when she gets home, and she acts goofy with her dad, the two of them partners in silliness, and in the mornings when it's time for me to leave for work, I wish every single day that I could just stay home and hang out with my girl. Life is so easy and good in her presence.


  1. I bet she wishes you could stay home too.

  2. Wow! She is SO lucky to be living in such a vibrant area. When I was her age I was still babysitting and working at Hardee's When I was a kid I enjoyed my summer visiting relatives in Brooklyn. There was always somewhere to go and things to do. Hope you all continue to enjoy time together. School starts back next month...but I bet you already know that ;)

  3. what a sweet time for both of you! makes me smile thinking of it, knowing how happy you are.

  4. Maybe you should give yourself a treat one day and stay home with her, whether you call in "sick" or arrange for a last-minute vacation day.

    You deserve it, and so does she.


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