Sunday, July 21, 2013

Did we know we were charmed?

One of my daughter's dearest friends posted on Facebook this morning these images from back in the day. I adore these children and loved being reminded of this time in our lives. I got permission to repost a few of the photos here. Did we know how charmed these days were when we were living them?

Photos: 1) Sixth graders at the farm. That's my girl in the lovely plaid pants. It must have been around Halloween because M. is sporting vampire teeth. 2) Two of our beauties. I think this was in first grade. 3) For a while there, American Girl dominated the playdates. The girls look like they're in third or fourth grade here, but I'm not sure. Nor am I sure what the play fantasy was here, but they do look committed... 4) In seventh grade the kids cleaned up nice for the bat and bar mitzvahs of some of their classmates. 5) The kids, now in college, got together regularly over winter break. For more recent pictures of this group, they call themselves lifers, go here and here