Friday, May 9, 2014

Baby Woodstock

Yesterday was the end-of-classes extravaganza at my daughter's school, an annual event known as Slope Day. It's like a collegiate Woodstock wannabe at the end of every year, with students sprung from lecture halls and partying by the thousands on the grass, grooving along to concerts by some of the top artists of the day. In photos posted, my girl looks like she's having a good time, the gang all together and smiling. That's a photo with some good friends that she posted last night. She and another of her friend groups were all decked out in identical pink cropped tees, with Ludacris's image on the front (apparently he was one of the headliners). I gather it's a thing to do identical tees with friends on Slope Day, all part of the weeks of anticipation and planning.


  1. Joy. Everywhere. Especially that one you call yours.

  2. Brings back good memories. How gorgeous young people are, especially these ones. I'm so glad she's feeling better.