Saturday, May 24, 2014

Freedom to fly, part 2

That's my son, prepping for his morning run yesterday. I took the picture just because.

Just because I love him. Just because it lifts my heart to rest my eyes on him.

For some reason this morning, I thought of this post from four years ago, and I had a small jolt of recognition that I had indeed escaped the steel and glass prison I perceived back then. I can see now that when my job was eliminated last fall, it was me who set myself free.

Here are the lyrics of El Gavilan, the Marianne Faithful song I was hearing in my head when I wrote that long ago post. Today, I think the words are for my children more than for me.

Gotta make your own rules, child.
Got to break your own chains.
The dreams that possess you
Can blossom and bless you
Or run you insane.

The moment is yours, child
To lay on the line.
The past just don't matter,
Tomorrow won't mind.

I don't deserve you.
I'm only human. 
But I swear I'll love you
Just as hard as I can.

Storm on the mountain
Stars in the sky
Running for glory
Freedom to fly.

Will you remember
Way down the road
Somebody loves you
More than you know.


  1. I'll need to hunt out that song now. And as for the picture of your son - there's something about the way you photograph your children which breathes love. It's good that you mention it but the picture says it without words too.

  2. My heart is beating its wings with happiness for you.

  3. Oh that song. I had never heard it. Thank you.

  4. Absolutely beautiful. I feel the same way about my Lil Lady