Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pie and Company

This is the strawberry rhubarb pie my daughter made to take to a pot luck we're going to tonight, one of those affairs where old and young mix happily around mismatched tables and chairs with unmatched tablecloths, and asymmetrical pottery dishes and cups and spoons and condiment bowls, all handmade by the artist who is our host this evening. The fact that none of her beautiful and utilitarian ceramic art looks or feels like it's trying too hard makes using it feel incredibly cool and creative. We're just waiting for the second pie, a blueberry peach cobbler, to come out the oven and then we're off to spend a familial Sunday evening with longtime friends and their children who are all straggling home from year two of college.


  1. Strawberry rhubarb is my favorite and blueberry peach cobbler is one I make myself. The sweet mating of fruits. The sweet joining of hearts.

  2. That's a good-looking pie! Certainly better than I could do.

  3. I still miss your girl's baking blog. This looks delicious! Have fun!