Sunday, May 18, 2014

Nothing but sky

That was the sunset last night as we had dinner with dear friends on their roof. Eventually spring asserted itself and we wrapped ourselves in jackets and scarves and kept talking, our friends' neighbors at the adjacent table folding into the group as we watched the sky do its dance of colors. Around 9 pm we went indoors for dessert and chatted some more, and I thought how lucky we are to have these souls who we have grown in proximity to for 16 years now, whose children are the same age as ours and with whom we can share memories, worries, laughs, hopes, and not just for our children, but for ourselves. At one point before the cold drove us inside, as the children from the building raced up and down playing, and a knot of girls pitched a blanket tent at the end of the roof terrace and crowded inside, we talked of when our own children were that age, and how head-spinningly quickly it went by, and how could they be finishing up their sophomore year in college already. Who knew, when our families met in our children's pre-K and kindergarten years that our children would leave home and we would still be getting together without them? That hippy dippy school with a farm and a cause where we first encountered one another really did gift us with more than a good education for our children. It allowed the meeting of hearts.


  1. What an incredible win-win situation! And honestly, quite unique.

  2. I just commented on this lovely post but was booted off. If it went through please ignore this message. Anyway, this was a beautiful, evocative post. I have been lucky enough to remain in touch with many of the parents of the students I have taught through the years and have kept tabs on the children. I was in contact with a former student last night through Facebook. I taught her in 2005. She is now a beautiful young woman with a stellar career on Broadway and in movies. I love that you remain friends with the parents of the children who shared those early years in school with your children. I hope that the parents of the children I taught do the same.

  3. What a gorgeous picture and gorgeous evening!