Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday, Tuesday

I turned in my assignment this morning, on time, and although I have a fairly long list of other freelance commitments to turn to, I feel deliciously free. My daughter and I went to breakfast at a neighborhood diner, and then we got pedicures, and now I am back home contemplating getting back to work while she has gone off to hang out with friends. I do love working from home and being able to have these sorts of days. I go to bed at night mostly at peace, because I know I will wake the next morning and organize my hours according to my own preference and the commitments I have chosen to take on, and it is a wonderful freedom indeed.

There's my girl at breakfast this morning. I never tire of gazing at my children. My son had a friend over this morning, a kid he went to high school with and then they went to college in the same town and competed against each other in track and field. This morning they were going for a run along the river, the two of them impossibly fit. I stood in the hallway looking at them and marveling not quite consciously at how these two whom I have known since they were callow boys are now handsome full grown men. My daughter came out of her room and said, "Stop staring at them, Mom," and that's when I realized I'd been transfixed. The boys of course hadn't noticed and merely smiled when I said, "I can't help it. You're all a precious sight." At which my girl rolled her eyes and replied, "Oy vey."


  1. None of them know that they are in the most perfect physical place of their entire lives. We didn't know it when we were and they have no clue either. They just think that this is how it is- these bodies that they barely have to think about except to feed and nourish and take for exercise. They have no idea how beautiful that is. How beautiful THEY are.

  2. Pies. And beautiful children. We are blessed.

  3. It IS nice to work at home and structure your own time. I do miss that now that I'm back in the full-time swing.

    LOL at the eye-rolling!

  4. Beautiful, peaceful place you're in right now. I can feel it.

  5. Two mesmerizing photos in a row here--your husband throwing your sweet boy in the air, and your daughter. So beautiful it hurts.


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