Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Angel Food

My dear friend, the talented and visionary Brittany Tuttle, author of the novella Stone and Spring, has published a novel under her own imprint, Vesuvius House. I am so proud of her for just going out and doing it I can barely stand it. No soul-crushing rounds with traditional book publishers; she just went out and got a kick ass cover designed and made it all happen. Angel Food is a weird and wonderful tale of siblings on the run from killer angels, a surreal fantastical road warrior kind of book. I've just stated reading and have no idea where this will go, but I'm hooked by Brittany's dark humor, richness of character and wildly original storytelling.

To quote one reviewer: "Tuttle’s voice is mesmerizing in its ability to simultaneously make you fall in love with each character, all while craving hot salty chips with a shot of top shelf tequila. Her fierceness and attention to scene is tempered only by an offbeat humor with a hint of imminent doom...The depth of voice, poetic artistry applied to scenery, and dimension of character is something I only can hope you too, get to experience. This is my third time reading Angel Food and I find new levels of delight in each reading."

Brittany blogs at Vesuviusathome. You can order her newest book here.


  1. I've ordered it- why isn't it here?????

  2. I look forward to reading this. I loved her ebook!

  3. I've got one more chapter, and it's kick-ass wonderful! I never would have dreamed of even liking a book with so much weird violence, but that's exactly why I do like it. That and the wild sex scenes and the hilarity -- it's weird and wonderful and beautiful and raucous, all at once.

  4. I've been traveling and just discovered this post. My heart is lifted, Angella. I am overwhelmed by the support I've received from you and our mutual blogging friends. Thank you so much!