Thursday, August 14, 2014

The story so far

After  (see previous post)

Cousin reunion

Terra Nova for lunch

Father and daughter

Grandma and her devoted

The family name etched at Devon House

The verandah, a waterfall beyond

My big brother and me

"My eyes water, too, Grandma"

He tells a good story

Who: My son and daughter and me, my mother, my brother and my niece, and the rest of our family in Kingston.

What: Visiting my mom in Jamaica; my children have also planned some beach time with cousins and their friends tomorrow. The beach, they are told, has wifi.

When: One whole glorious week in paradise, except it is steaming hot and there are water lock offs at certain hours in certain areas due to a prolonged drought (third world problems).

Where: At my brother's house; at Devon House, which used to be owned by our wealthier ancestors and which we jokingly call "the family estate"; at Terra Nova restaurant, where my brother took us to lunch after the surgery he was scheduled to perform this afternoon was cancelled due to a power outage in the operating theater (third world problems).

How: My mom is pretty much the same as when I was her with her in May, but her voice is even softer. My children aren't freaked out by her decline. They just see their grandma, and do for her whatever she needs, sprawling across her bed and watching game shows as she dozes in her chair in between. She told her sister on the phone tonight that she has been graced with "honorable company," meaning her grandchildren.

Why: Because we love this grand lady and each other and distances must be bridged.

Also: Please forgive my spotty presence in blog world this week. I'm mostly reading on my phone when I can cop some wifi. Comments are a challenge.


  1. The pictures are beautiful, and I'm grateful that you have this time away together. Safe travels!

  2. I hope you enjoy this time with your dear mother.

    Wonderful photos. I can see your mother in both you and your brother. Lovely family!

  3. Terrific that you're able to spend time together! Everyone looks great. I can't quite fathom a beach with WiFi. Seems like the whole point of the beach would be to ESCAPE WiFi! LOL!

  4. The emotions these pictures bring forth in me...
    Your family is a shining example of what family can be. I wonder if you know how precious I hold that. How much I learn from that.
    Thank you. I am so blessed to be able to know you.

  5. So much beauty and love.

    And I agree with Steve Reed about wifi at the beach. :)

  6. Wonderful images brimming with love and the late days of summer.

  7. So and out. I know that sounds trite, but it's just so true. Enjoy this time and I'm so glad you are keeping us posted.

  8. Lovely family time...Enjoy every minute. You are blessed.