Thursday, January 15, 2015


I'm distracted. The man and I are getting ready to travel to Jamaica for my mom's 93rd birthday (she's actually stopped insisting that she's turning 100). Upcoming travel always discombobulates me, no matter how agreeable the reason. Plus I'm trying to get to the end of a book project that just keeps spooling out before me, like a ribbon that gets longer the more you look.

My daughter is also home and she has friends here every day, which is lovely, but I'd rather chat with them as they cook up interesting things or sit around the kitchen counter with their laptops open, discussing what classes to take for the coming semester or their plans for the summer and beyond. They are such interesting people and I adore hearing their perspectives on, well, everything.

But my work is suffering. I'm in real danger of not meeting the deadline I set for myself to complete this project, which means it's very shortly going to back into a new project that I am starting come the first of February. I cannot serve two masters. I can only explore one story in my head at a time, so I need to finish the one I'm in.

If I'm scarce for a little while, you'll know why—though in all likelihood, I will be right here, posting and procrastinating, as I am doing now. That evocative photo is by April Valencia. That staircase leading who knows where is a good metaphor for where I find myself this morning. I also just love the colors. I take that to mean the journey may feel uncertain and a bit arduous right now, but it is not unpleasant.


  1. I love those colors too and I understand how you feel and yes, it will be all right but boy, it can feel scary.
    Love you, dear.

  2. I too love all those wonderful colors...You'll feel so good when that deadline is met...Focus on that, then you'll enjoy the trip. Happy Birthday to your mother.

  3. Beautiful staircase, I wonder where it goes. I know what you mean about going away. We are away for 2 nights in just over a week……only a 2 hour car drive to Suffolk, but I am already making lists of what to take…mainly for dog things as he is coming too! Have a wonderful time, and Happy Birthday to your Mum.

  4. The anxiety of an upcoming deadline is always followed by a great feeling of accomplishment and relief when you are done. (Even if you go over a few days past your deadline) Enjoy your trip!

  5. You have a lot on your plate! All you can do is your best, right? And if this project backs into the next one, is that so terrible? Can you delay the next one if need be?

  6. I hope your visit with your mother brings happiness to you both.