Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hey there

There's stuff happening behind this screen, and under normal circumstances I'd be posting about it all, but I'm so immersed in this chapter I'm writing, I seem to have no brain cells left over to compose my thoughts here. A few notes:

1. My son and his girlfriend are looking for an apartment. They put in an application for a garden apartment that they quickly realized was nicer than anything else they were seeing, but the owner seems reluctant to rent to them because they are not married. In 2017! She is afraid if they break up she will be left holding the bag financially. Isn't this why they ask for guarantors? I am philosophical. If it works out, cool, if not, they'll find something else. They already saw another place they like, though the second one is much further away from us, just across the bridge in another borough, so my son wouldn't be able to stop by and borrow the car as easily as if he lived just a few blocks away. There are certainly worse things.

2. My husband sliced off the top of his index finger with the fancy dancy chef knife our daughter gave him for Christmas. He and I were a comedy routine, both of us bent over the bathroom sink trying to stop the bleeding. We managed to wrap the finger with about a hundred band aids. Fortunately, our son, who is an EMT, came home from work soon after and treated and bandaged the wound very professionally. It was a bad cut, but a clean one, taking a corner of the nail bed. My man seems to be a good healer because it's sealing over very nicely. The man tried to be all blustery and macho and to tell our boy he was fine and didn't need his ministrations. My son wasn't having it. I was rather impressed with how he strong-armed his dad into just sitting there and letting him take care of him. I told him as much. He chuckled. "I don't take that mess from difficult patients who don't know what's best for them," he said. Good man.

3. My girl will be flying off to the other side of the world in March, meeting up with one of her friends in China and going on to Thailand with her. Right as news of the shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport was coming across the airwaves, she called to tell me she had booked her flights to Shanghai and Bangkok. "Wonderful," I told her. "You'll have fun." I got off the line and sent up a quick prayer for her safety.

4. My kids' significant others have been here a lot lately, and I enjoy their company. My kids are so happy around them, and the six of us laugh and talk and have a generally good time. The other day, we all watched the Ben Affleck movie The Accountant, which I would recommend. It was one of those rare psychological thrillers that answered every question I had by the end. And it kept us riveted. At one point I looked around the living room at everyone, their eyes glued to the screen, and I thought, This is a very fine gathering.

Okay, back to work. Please know I'm reading your blogs, but mostly on my phone late at night, and tapping out comments are a challenge. I'll be back to my regularly scheduled programming soon. Wish me luck on this thing I'm doing! I'm a little in the weeds.


  1. You always pull it off and I know that each and every time it must feel like "this is the time I won't" but you will.
    Damn weeds. Get out that fancy dancy knife and whack away. Metaphorically, at least.
    Glad your son took care of his dad. Otherwise, a trip to the ER probably would have been necessary and nothing can ruin an evening like that!
    I hope your son and his girlfriend get that apartment. How are the renters even allowed to ask if they're married? And if they don't, well, they'll get another.
    And your daughter is going to China? Good Lord. Well, tell her to send postcards. Or, texts.

  2. Nice post! Best of luck on that thing you are doing!!!!

  3. "A very fine gathering", I like that and you realized that at the moment, always a good thing.

  4. Wow - you're right - there's a lot of stuff going on there!

    And your husband's sliced finger is exactly why I use dull knives. I know the theory is that a sharp knife requires less pressure so it's safer, but my butterfingers haven't heard of that theory. Every time I've been near a sharp knife I have ended up cut, including the one time I was packing one to mail as a wedding gift - I wasn't even USING the darn thing!

    Keep calm and carry on writing :)

  5. I live in the weeds...(and hope you can appreciate the humor). You will do well. You always do. Sorry your husband cut himself and best of luck to both your young adults whose lives are taking them in exciting directions.

  6. Good luck with the work. Never mind the weeds. They will shrivel up before you know it.

  7. I'll wish you luck but know you will deliver your best on this project. Life indeed sounds busy but you are noticing the important things.

  8. I wish you luck on this thing you are doing! It will go well and then pass! Keep at it!

    And your story of the six of you watching the movie makes me excited for my future -- may my boys bring home women that I, too, can love.

  9. It's funny that the landlord has qualms about renting to an unmarried couple because they might break up. Like married people never break up?! I love your descriptions of family life. Glad your son was able to help his dad, and we'll have to find that movie!

  10. All of the luck! All of it!
    Love the picture in my mind of all of you watching that movie. Any movie. It's a beautiful picture.

  11. Sorry you're so busy, but glad everything is going well and so glad you checked in with such a nice post.
    1. I hope they get that apartment!
    2. I hope I'm done cutting myself with my new fancy knives. I now chant Pay Attention! while I am using them, and due to the cut while dish washing, I try to wash and put them away immediately. Hope hubby heals quickly and wish I had an EMT in the house!
    3. Breathe. Hope. Pray. She will stay safe and have the adventure of her life, won't she?
    4. I know exactly what you mean, it is wonderful to see them happy, to see our family circle grow to include great people. And we loved that movie too!

    Yes, good luck, hope all goes well. Check in when you can...

  12. Hello. Been following you for a while; I love the sound of your family. "I'm a little in the weeds". I assume that is similar to "being in the long grass" ? Regards, MaggieB UK

  13. I don't normally think of New York as a place I'd like to live, but when I see some of the pictures you share and read your words...I reevaluate my affinity for rural America.

    That story about your son helping your husband made me cry. What a fine man you two have raised. Also, so glad to read that your work has picked up. As you know my husband is also freelance and this winter has been bone dry...but there is light shining up ahead, thank God!