Sunday, January 22, 2017

Woke AF

There were 637 marches in solidarity with women's rights and human rights around the globe. All were peaceful, and all exceeded expectations in terms of numbers. So many people marched that I feel no need to try and evoke the experience here. Everyone has their own memory of it, either from standing shoulder to shoulder in the crowd or hearing tell of it from one who did. Perhaps the energy of the inauguration day was so heavy and murky, that to balance it, the world spontaneously chose brilliance, chose hope and optimism, chose to harness the energy of the divine feminine and all those who stand easily in its light. So many people decided only on the night before the march, after feeling the gloom of the inauguration, to go out and join the protest. Everyone was searching for a way to turn their dismay at the tone of the new administration into something positive and powerful. That's my niece in the photo above, after she marched in Washington, D.C. I sense that, having staked out the high ground, people are feeling a lot less depressed about the political reality in which we find ourselves today. The mood now is more like: Woke AF so bring it on!


  1. So glad that this weekend was so awesome!!!!

  2. I love the big baby sign! So heartened by everything I experienced and heard in Miami. Yes! Bring it on.

  3. Wow...not that that will ever register with the idiots in power, but wow...

  4. I love that last picture. And of course the whole experience of marching with people who were just as horrified as I was at the change of government in the USA.

  5. I'm so depressed today that I just can't help but wonder- what took us so damn long to wake up?
    I suppose that the comfort of having Obama in the White House made us complacent and unable to believe that such a thing could happen. I don't know.
    I know I love you though.

  6. YES! stay WOKE, the theme of the march in our little town...carry on, press on, intersectional revolution! Stay strong and clever, do what we are here for- the future of the younger ones, the civility of humanity...the challenges!! LOVE to you, holding your hand in my mind.