Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March, NYC

My loved ones marched for our rights today. So many people turned out in New York City that the Women's March route was jammed packed from one end to the other, with crowds spilling into side streets and adjacent avenues, and for hours no one could move. I was so proud of my husband and daughter, and my daughter's boyfriend, turning out for the cause. I watched the mammoth marches all over the country, and the world, from home. I could not march, as I have pain and mobility issues, and this is part of the reason my husband decided to march, for me. But as day turned to night, and the marchers kept going, no one dispersing, I wanted so much to be a part of this massive movement. I felt lonely and left out. I know it is not the way I am supposed to be feeling on a day when the forces of resistance have been so thrillingly mobilized.

What I meant to do when I sat down here was to write about these two days in which the world changed. Yesterday, as the Obamas flew off in a green military helicopter, my heart was heavy and tears flowed. I changed the channel after that. I only watched the inauguration to bid farewell to the Obamas. I had no stomach for the spectacle of the new president, a man of stunning dishonesty, moving into the White House. And now on TV,  press secretary Sean Spicer has just taken the podium in the White House briefing room to berate the press for reporting that Trump's inauguration crowds were sparse compared to Obama's. WTF? He was clearly sent out there by his boss, who earlier had tweeted out a photo of Obama's crowds in 2009, pretending they were his. The press corrected him, and Trump is apparently apoplectic. Well, he achieved one thing: The stunned newscasters are now dissecting Spicer's angry, petulant statement, and are no longer covering the marchers. I think I should stop writing now.

My husband just texted that he is on his way home.


  1. I'm sitting here watching CNN with incredulity. He's the president - is this what he spends his time on? Thinking about the size of his crowds? It's just pathetic. We did the march in Tucson today, it was really cool to see all the elder women and younger women.

  2. It is simply unbelievable, isn't it? I didn't think anything could be worse than Trump's remarks at the CIA, and then Spicer comes out with that ridiculous speech. This seriously feels like a Twilight Zone episode. Unfortunately, it is not.

  3. How completely stupid does DT think we are?
    And how does he manage to take today's world's activities against him and form it into something he can live with?
    Well. He is insane.
    I love you. I love your family. We go on.

  4. I too did not (could not) march today, and I am full of awe and respect as I watch my friends around the world post our solidarity. I realized I was crying with this awe when my dog jumped up beside me to check that I'm ok.

    I am so grateful that you are a journalist and we can rely on your skillful eye. There is no one more important right now than journalists, speaking truth to power.

  5. Like Allison, I loved the diversity of those that marched, especially seeing so many young women and men. Bless your husband for being there! I believe there was a huge surge in donations to planned parenthood, the ACLU and other organizations. What will the shallow fool tweet when it turns out there were twice as many at today's DC March than at his inauguration. It's a nightmare but I think many have been energized to do all we can.

  6. Ah, the mind of a narcissist, and he achieved his goal of getting attention off the marchers and onto himself. He thinks everyone but him is dumb and can be manipulated and the press fell for that.

  7. You made me smile. Your family made me proud.

    It's been awhile since I watched anything to do with politics or the man who comes after Mr. Obama. I re-read my last letter from President Obama during the inauguration and hoopla. We've had the best and we will survive the worst. I remind myself not to let my heart be troubled or afraid. All is well. But it's wonderful watching so many Americans united for a common good! I believe again. Women are something else, aren't we? :D

  8. That Sean Spicer display was bizarre. It's like Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia -- an alternate reality imposed by the government for propaganda purposes. Scary!

    So glad your family could march, and you were certainly with them in spirit. :)