Saturday, August 5, 2017

Lifers at the farm

A group of them went to the farm this weekend, a mini reunion. I swiped this pic from Snapchat. These two were schoolbus buddies at four years old. They're all grown up now, and living on different coasts, but they still get together with the gang at the farm come summer, their soul cluster, all of them still close. I wanted a happy picture at the top of my blog because I don't want to dwell on the fact that my husband's painful spasms have not let go. Still, the X-ray showed no fracture of the spine, and no disc herniation or other misalignment, so the trend is positive.


  1. This is a happy beautiful photo, so good to look at during this worry about your hubby. I hope he will be healed soon.

  2. That is good news, about the X-ray. But now I want the spasms and pain to go away!
    And if you wanted a beautiful, positive picture you surely and certainly found one. Oh, the love those grown-up children have for each other! What a school that must be!

  3. Your beautiful girl with the bright sunny smile! Still praying.

  4. What happy smiles! I hope that your man can get his back fixed very soon. x

  5. I have been that laid-up person and have seen many completely immobilised people, including myself and my husband, go into a chiropractor's office on a stretcher and come out on their feet. It is worth a try.

    Also, sometimes a spinal fracture is not detected on x-ray but shows up in a bone scan. Has he been checked for osteoporosis? It is more common in men that people realize and particularly in men of color in northern climates where a lack of sunlight leads to a vitamin D deficiency due to melanin protection in the skin. Sometimes a crushed vertebrae or two can lead to spinal stenosis, a kind of narrowing or impingement of the neural tube. If that is the case, pain management is the only solution until arthritis sets in and stabilizes the fracture.

    Just a couple ideas. I know way too much about back pain. Sending good thoughts and prayers for your beautiful family.


    1. invisigal, thank you for weighing in. the x-ray actually detected arthritis of the spine, though I didn't mention it in the post. i'm curious, how does arthritis stabilize the fracture? when this acute phase passes his doctor is going to refer him for physical therapy, which i hope will include some sort of spinal manipulation. i will also try to get him to an acupuncturist. fyi, he was lifting some heavy printers less than 24 hours before all this started.

  6. Beautiful picture! Yes, it IS good news that there's no fracture or herniation. Thank goodness.

  7. Will he be having an MRI? Or at least an ultrasound? I feel so bad for him.

  8. fingers crossed,
    that darling girl is too good for this world...
    as though that thought had not crossed your mind before!

  9. Ruling things out is a form of progress. Invisigal has some good info in her comment. I hope your fellow gets some relief from the pain very soon.