Tuesday, August 8, 2017


My husband seems to be turning a corner. If he's not yet fully around it, at least he's able to see around the bend to what lies ahead. Please hold a good thought.

Meanwhile, Trump is tweeting about poll numbers and fake news while North Korea tests nuclear missile warheads that could conceivably reach Chicago and even Washington D.C. He has made no comment whatsoever on the bombing of the Minneapolis mosque over the weekend. His lack of comment speaks loudly to his base.

Everywhere, people are struggling it seems, with physical challenges, emotional upsets, and one devastating tragedy in the life of someone we love. I'm trying to be present for people without allowing my perspective to turn gloomy. I'm trying to live in the light, which commonsense tells us exists in equal measure to the shadow.

It's later now. Maybe I lied about turning the corner. Tonight it looks more like we're still on approach. The muscle spasms are back. The slightest uncalculated movement brings them on, even running and jumping in his dreams. 


  1. Wicked times, I hold very little hope. I heard a rant the other day about how the Hadron Collider BROKE the universe and that was the explanation for this particular turmoil. I just think it is human's propensity to wreck everything, destroying themselves, a failed species, forever at war. Aren't we glad we are not one of THEM!

    Your husband will be well soon...we deamand it!

  2. I am very sorry for your loved one/friend, but happy that your husband is showing signs of healing. Has he tried massage?

  3. Holding good thoughts for your husband. Some days it's too hard to read the news. I need an occasional ostrich day for sanity. Happy belated birthday to your beautiful aunt!

  4. Owen was explaining a thing today to his mother and me about the movie "Emoji" and how in it, Donald Trump is the Red Devil and has come to earth and on and on and on. Lily said, "How do you know all of this, Owen? You haven't seen the movie."
    "Gabe told me," said Owen.
    Gabe has been known to not always be completely truthful but I looked at Lily and said, "Well, hon, you know, it could be true. On every level."
    We shook our heads.
    May your husband shake those pain devils, whatever color they are.

  5. I am so glad to hear your husband has some relief. Now let the rest come. I am too wigged out about our country to comment. In my fantasy I look like your daughter and I am at home the beach.🌞

  6. I am so glad a corner is in sight at least. Back pain is the worst. As for the seeming brokenness of our world I irrationally hope that the eclipse later this month turns a corner and brings us back around toward normality. I know, I said irrational.


  7. I have stopped watching the news completely. My husband watches faithfully everyday at 5:00. I now go downstairs and do some cardio. If we all end up dead I will be in good shape. The only way I get news now is through blogger or Facebook. I'm thinking of giving up Facebook. Blogger? Never?

    But there is good news and that is your husband is getting better. Yay! And the other good news is your book should be arriving on my doorstep any day now.

  8. Here's. Hoping that your husband continues to have longer times periods spasm and pain free, and recovers. Having a much lesser pain issue these days, I so sympathize and am frustrated that medicine cannot come up with better ways to help us deal with these very common issues over the years. Have they come up with possible causes of his pains? Again my thoughts are with him and you

  9. Perhaps the healing is beginning ... it's not generally a straight line so "two steps forward, one step back" may be the rule for awhile. I do hope there is forward progress of some kind, even if it is slower than wished.

  10. I hope he continues to improve! We do seem to be living, geopolitically, through a dark time. I have no idea where this North Korea thing could be headed. As you said, live in the light!