Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Life in no particular order

People in New York City are really depressed about what's happening in the rest of the country with covid. Things were so bad here, we thought that we would take the hit for everyone else, and they would learn from what we went through, they would wear masks and social distance and self-quarantine so they wouldn't have to feel the same pain. Instead, numbers in Florida have surpassed New York on its worst day, and Arizona and Texas aren't far behind. And still people are going out without masks, and acting like covid is one big joke, something akin to the flu. For anyone who gets it, I pray that's all it is, because the alternative is horrifying—long lasting symptoms that include ravaged lungs, hearts and kidneys, exhaustion, body aches, breathing and neurological problems. Even though these souls are counted as survivors, life is changed for them.

Oh, here's a piece of good news. Our daughter got approved to continue working remotely for her job when she moves to Boston next month! I'm so happy for her. She's to come to the city once a month to go in to the office, but her boss told her not to worry about that for now, as she didn't think anyone would be going back into the office until next year March or April. I am so glad that she will not have to job hunt in a new city in a covid economy. Her partner will be in graduate school, and they are choosing their apartment by lottery as we speak. Most programs at that university will be virtual in the fall, even the medical school, but his program is going to be a hybrid of virtual and in person classes, so they decided to go ahead and move.

My husband also went to his work this morning for the first time since March. The museum is constructing a new wing, so the ichthyology collection is in temporary quarters for now, with the staff is making do in spacious trailers outside the main building—easier to social distance. His income has been cut by a fifth, however, as all science specialists agreed to move to a four-day work week so as to save seven of their number from being terminated.

We're just back from picking up our taxes, which we got in just under the wire. My tax guy has been doing my taxes since I was 23, a relationship of many decades. A good tax guy is one of life's true blessings. The picture up top is what I see when I look up from working. My man's newest hobby is nurturing orchids inside terrariums. Outside, it's a beautiful blue sky day.


  1. well those little orchids will not be throwing stones, will they. They look so dressed up, taken care of, how you do!
    Masks are worn here like we are all Japanese, everyone wears a mask or they get the boot. We are still in semi open, I think that one shop was open yesterday. Being sensible, we can do this!!

  2. now that NY is opening up a bit I do hope that you don't undergo a new surge. It's horrible here because our toady governor started opening the state before things even leveled off much less declined. hospitals are full and they're bringing in refrigerated morgue trucks. I am just appalled at how many Americans still think there is nothing to it and of course now Trump is getting ready to cook the covid books bypassing the CDC so the data can't be trusted just to try and boost his reelection chances. I wonder if people would take it more seriously if the media would focus on the people who get sick but don't die, how horrible it is and how many continuing health problems after 'recovery' instead of just those with mild symptoms and those who die.

    glad to hear your daughter will keep her job and that your husband work is taking precautions. the orchids are lovely. I keep thinking I might try to grow one everytime I pass them in the grocery store. they can't be that hard to grow if they sell them in the grocery store! so I tell myself.

    We're doing well here but I must say I am so glad I no longer live in the city instead of this low population county.

  3. What a lovely view. I hope it helps set the mind for writing. The orchids are almost outdone in elegance by their containers.

    We're holding steady in Ithaca, bracing for the students to come back to Cornell and shoot our numbers (very low till this week) all to hell. Cornell is imposing stringent testing and rules but there is already talk of unmasked parties in the local off campus houses. My husband will be teaching completely by zoom, nothing else is possible for an 88 year old with diabetes, but still doesn't know when or what he will be teaching. Trying to be calm, mostly it's OK.

  4. Still here and still tired...That view and orchid are amazing. I am glad you are well. I hope all goes well in the move to Boston.

  5. Those are cool terrariums! I've never seen any like that, but I bet higher humidity helps the orchids. That's great news about your daughter!

  6. That is a lovely view and I love the orchids. I don't have a window for orchids and I have a cat who thinks it is her life mission to destroy plants.

    The news continues to provide sustenance for my depression only a daily/hourly basis. The world has gone to hell in a handbasket.

    I'm glad your daughter will be able to work from home and it sounds like your husband's work will be safe too.

    Stay safe my friend.

  7. A lovely view out your window there. It's a beautiful balance to the times we're living in.
    I am so happy for your daughter and her partner.
    And really glad that your husband can easily drive to work and park.
    Everyone stay safe there, and take care.

  8. I am so happy for your daughter. Now is not the time to look for a new job, which is usually terrible anyway. I am so depressed, all of the hospital data is now missing since HHS took over data collection. Azar did an interview on tv and very sincerely lied his ass off about how it would all be fine. It's not fine. Your view is just magnificent.

  9. Hello dear woman hello. I have not been able to stop thinking about these spectacular terraria (I made that up) and wondering where they came from which even though it’s tacky to inquire I want know. XO ps WOW

  10. Lovely view! Things seem to be going well for you and yours. I'm happy for all. It's great to hear about your kids moving forward with their lives, despite everything we are living with. I feel as if I'm in the movie "Groundhog Day." Movies, music and books are keeping me afloat.