Tuesday, January 15, 2013

At least by us

Writing this sort of blog is such a dual experience, because I feel so healed when I find my own truth in other people's words, but I have to make sure that when the opposite occurs, when another's truth is not my own, that I don't abandon my truth, or feel as if I have no right to put it out there because it may offend, disappoint or leave others thinking less of me. Many of us here think so little of ourselves already, our membranes are so permeable, it's part of why we write, to find the edges, to color ourselves in. I think those of us engaged in this endeavor are writing ourselves into being in some sense, we are trying so hard to impose order within the tornado of emotion, the dark fearful thoughts and dangerous incandescent love that have their way with us daily. And we need to be careful, even as we pour our secret selves into the arms of the universe, that we allow our hard won truths to stand without being judged, at least by us. And perhaps also by each other.


  1. Amen, and thank-you for saying that.
    I think that for many of us, our voices were never heard as children, or if we were heard, we were told in so many ways to be quiet. To still those voices. And it is so hard to break that habit, those rules. But. Our voices are just as valid as anyone's voice in this world, especially if we speak from our hearts.
    You are a light in my world, Angella. You are a light in the whole world. I hope you know that.

  2. Wow. Such words and so very true. Sometimes I think I blog to feel less invisible. But it involves a level of trust I struggle with. If you saw the draft posts, the things I'm not brave enough of willing enough to post you'd nod in agreement. Maybe if my words were as perfect as these, I'd commit:

    Many of us here think so little of ourselves already, our membranes are so permeable, it's part of why we write, to find the edges, to color ourselves in.

    Girlfriend, grab your crayons, markers, colored pencils, watercolors and don't let anyone or anything stop you from being who are wherever you want to be.

    And remember the wisdom of Dr. Seuss...those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.


  3. Not 30 minutes ago I was thinking on this very subject. There are people out there that have said bloggers are narcissists but I think (for most bloggers) nothing can be further from the truth. When I read the words of others I feel validated. I feel better about my world. All that said, my favourite part of blogging is learning about different view points than my own. (In my comment section I have a part of a Bible verse, Come let us reason together. Before I started blogging I was very closed-minded and blogging has opened it up!

  4. Amen to this! I thank you for sharing your voice and remaining loyal to your truth.

  5. I read your blog nearly every day but do not comment often. You are a beautiful writer and seemingly a beautiful person. Thank you for sharing what you do. Your family seems beautiful too! :) Sweet Jo

  6. SEE?!?!?

    Some of my Favorite People in the Universe responded to your words. We write to be heard. And then we are heard and validated and feel less alone.

    Come let us reason together.

    You are not alone.


  7. Your truth is your truth, not subject to approval or editing by others! (And yes, I realize I'm saying this as a former editor to another editor. :) )

  8. I so agree with what you have stated so eloquently. Sometimes for me, I think I am blogging against my being. My beings wants to curl inward and be left alone. Of course, blogging doesn't allow that. Then I read this article today and decided that I, too, would rather be courageous than "good".


  9. Beautifully said. There are times I feel so bereft of companions on this journey I am taking. Thank you for being you and for being here.