Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winter Break

My son is away for the weekend. He comes back on Tuesday for an overnight turnaround, then drives up on Wednesday with two of his housemates for his final semester of college. My girl, who has spent the day re-reading Harry Potter and becoming one with the couch, will join a gathering of high school friends tomorrow evening, and the next day she will hang with her other crew, the soul cluster she started this whole peer-relationships journey with when she was four. Truthfully, I could sit and gaze at these two all day long. I never grow tired of it. These days, I just stalk them with my camera and watch them creepily while they're sleeping.

This was the sweet sibling goodbye yesterday.


  1. I love their farewell. It reminds me of my brother and I. There's a lot of love in those fingers. =)

  2. My son is reading all the Harry Potter books right now too. He is begging me to read them!

    Loving your kids and watching them sleep is a beautiful thing.

  3. I giggled when I read that you stalk them creepily while they sleep. HA!