Friday, January 11, 2013

Run to the Roundhouse, Nellie

You'll find all the deliciousness Susan T. Landry and Melissa Shook have put together here.  It's an online literary journal of memoir. Lives examined. A short vignette of mine is in The Roundhouse too, writing to the prompt "Hometown." And here, you'll find an explanation of the concept or maybe it's really a call. There's so much to chew on, savor, delight in, learn. I'm thrilled to be in such company and can't wait to see what's ahead. Self portraits, such as this one by artist Alexa Grace, are also featured because surely the way we present ourselves visually is a rich memoir, too.


  1. What an interesting self portrait. I'm on my way to see the memoirs.

  2. thank you, angella!

    if nothing else, this feels like the beginning of a wonderful new community of writers and artists...
    i am amazed at how generous people are. i wrote to total strangers and asked to use their artwork or to encourage them to write a short piece in exchange only for mention in a journal with no readership yet--and they graciously granted me access to images of themselves...and in some cases, to their lives.




  3. I loved your piece. Of course.

  4. I loved your hometown story too and there was also James and a man from Port Washington NY, a stone's throw from where I grew up, and Miriam Levine in Charlesgate hall, I was at that dorm as well!

    Thanks for pointing the way, w hat a great project.


  5. Oh, what an interesting site, thanks, Angella :)


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