Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday morning

I sat on my bed this morning feeling the weight of all the sorrow people hold. Mary saying goodbye to her mother this week. Nancy setting down the memory of what was happening each day of this month in the year her daughter died. Kimberly missing her sister who left this earth so suddenly. Hearts breaking everywhere. What right do I have to feel so heart heavy at my daughter leaving again, at missing her and missing my son, who left weeks ago. Their lives are calling them to have experiences and challenges, to dream and grow, and this is a good thing. My sadness is not what you would call a proportional response. So I'm having trouble writing.

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  1. Hey- let me just say that when Jessie moved out of the house it probably was far more of a blow to my life than it is now to have my mother dead. That sounds so wrong but it's the truth. Yes, this is a very emotional time in many ways but it was her time to go and she desperately wanted to die and in a way, I feel as if she arranged it. So.
    But having your last child move out of the house? Now THAT is hard.
    You have my permission (not that you need it but...) to feel as much as you need to feel. And please, do. Write about it. As much as you want. As much as you need. No one else's situation makes yours of any less significance. Ever.