Saturday, January 5, 2013

Loose ends

Found that photo on Facebook. I don't know who drew the face or where, though it looks like the work of an artist in the island where I was born. Very clever, that artist. I am at loose ends today. There are so many things I need to do, so many more things I could do, and I am inspired to do none of them. The mistake was in getting dressed. I should have lounged in my sleep clothes all afternoon, with the effort of a shower between me and the outdoors, and then I would have been content to curl up and watch a movie or read, and let the day float aimlessly by. Instead I am now freshly laundered and itching to do something useful with my day before it turns to evening. What an extravagance, a whole afternoon all mine to do with as I please, and I cannot quite decide what pleases me. My son left this morning, all shaved and trimmed and GQ'ed, to spend the weekend in another town with a young woman. And her family. Talk about blowing up his privacy. As long as I am torpedoing people's privacy, my daughter and her boyfriend have built a tent out of old comforters in the middle of the living room. Giggling like four year olds they lined it with cushions and are now reclined within, watching a movie. Now that's a good use of a Saturday.


  1. That is a spectacular use of a Saturday. Your daughter always seems to know the perfect thing to do, doesn't she? :)

    Since you're dressed, maybe you should venture out and watch a movie in a theater. It's a gray, dark day here in the sunshine state, and that's just what I did. It was a great movie, too.

  2. i love this post and that picture. and i love that your blog reminds me to squeeze my little ones as often as possible before they grow too big, but also makes me look forward to the friendships i will get to have with them once they are grown. as you may already know, my husband is from Tortola and St. Kitts. i love reading your blog, knowing you're an islander. feels so home-y and comforting. just wish my mother-in-law was half as cool and as loving as you are.