Thursday, September 25, 2014

Road Trip

My friend and I are driving upstate this weekend to see our daughters. I can hardly wait.

My cousins have extended their stay through next week. I will leave them here with my husband and son, who will ferry them back and forth to the hospital. The vigil continues.

The doctor says Gary has weeks. We think she means days. His wife and her sister are meeting with the social worker today to make hospice decisions.

Hard to post anything right now. Everything feels inappropriate in the light of a family member who is actively dying.

And yet life continues. It must.


  1. It must and it does, even with the weight of the dying which, oddly enough, to me is a lightening of the being until it can fly off.
    You have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I love what Ms Moon said. "a lightening of the being until it can fly off"
    Do have a wonderful weekend with your girl.

  3. I know your daughter will shed some light in the darkness. And I'm out here, thinking of you and your family as you keep vigil, sending love.