Sunday, September 7, 2014

This moment

Sign outside of bar: 

"Free Beer Tomorrow."

The joke of course is that today, this moment, is all that is ever real. I'm practicing living in the moment, not letting it get hijacked by difficult memories or future-based fears. Today, in this moment, I have a slight summer cold, but really, all is well.


  1. Thank you, very timely reminder. And I do hope the summer cold will pass quickly.

  2. When we were on the island we spent about forty-five minutes floating in the bay, looking up at the clouds and every single moment, I was thinking, "This is good for me. I am living in the moment."
    Such a hard, hard thing to do. But really- what else is even possible? We have to LIVE this moment. We can clutter it all up with what-if's and memories and all that other stuff but the fact remains...this moment. No other.
    Now get well soon.

  3. You are wise in deed and word...I hope the cold passes quickly.

  4. I honestly don't know why we always forget this moment living thing. I do all the the damn time. Thanks for another reminder!

  5. I love that picture and the sign. And being here now.

  6. Yes. All we have is now, which even now is no longer now. Feel better soon. ~nancy

  7. I celebrated me and Aunt Winnie yesterday--you had better believe that I did! Well, all weekend really. I shook a tail feather on Saturday to some steel drums (okay reggae music) at a party and guess what else? On Sunday I was with my sister and my brother and even took a "sister shot" at a bar with them. Ha. I decided that the shot of very stiff alcohol that I took at that bar with them (have I mentioned that I NEVER take shots?) just couldn't be refused since it was a sister shot--and since it was for my birthday and your mother's sister, too.

    Angella, I was reflecting on your mother and how she must have been feeling. Decided it would only be right to represent her sister-angel, too, in that moment.Not sure if your mom would be so keen on me throwing one back on the count of three, but something tells me you and the husband would have joined right in with us had y'all been in Atlanta. Ha!

    Yes! We celebrated The Aunt Winnie Day in grand fashion. I'm calling it that because, to you all, that is what it is and always shall be. I'm cool with being born on the Aunt Winnie Day, too. No, Sister Lister--I did not forget. Heart things bind us and even over the miles and waters we are all connected. Know that you are loved and that I was holding your hand. (But had a shot in the other hand. Ha!)

  8. Amen to living in the moment -- though as we all know it's easier said than done. :)


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