Monday, September 15, 2014

True work is true play

I feel some excitement about getting back to work on the book this morning, though I confess I don't really know yet if I'm doing it right. I do think I am lucky in this life in that I stumbled into a field of endeavor that I love. I heartily wish this for my children. I rediscovered that photo of my son and niece recently, and it made me so nostalgic for those days. I think they were 10 and 12 in that photo, which was taken during one of their St. Lucia summers with grandma. They're 22 and 24 now and both trying to put in place their ideal work lives, my son as an EMT-paramedic-firefighter and my niece as a dentist. My daughter, now in her junior year of college, has a little breathing space yet, which is good because she knows less now what she wants to do with her life than when she entered college. She still gets all jazzed up by the business of hospitality, though, and she's planning a lot of major events and conferences as the logistics chair for the women of color coalition on campus. I remember when she was just born, a psychic told me she would pursue and champion causes. It's been true so far, yet she keeps a lightness of spirit around her social justice passions, she doesn't take them in as personal affronts, she manages commitment and acceptance—I can learn from her. Here's a photo from when she was little one at her school's farm. My sweet children.


  1. Your shining, glorious children! May all our children find work which fulfills and sustains them.

  2. Oh honey none of us know if we are doing it right.

  3. That picture of your daughter on the farm is so precious, I melt. They're all precious. How wonderful.

    Every time I pop over here, you warm my heart - whether I feel your gratitude or the struggles or we through. Thank you.

  4. Yes -- your sweet and darling children.

  5. I was thinking about you last night--I was thinking about how some people with extraordinary stories are born writers--like Mary Karr. Other people with extraordinary stories aren't born with the writing bone, however, and I was thinking how wonderful that there are people like you to give voice not only to your own stories, but to the stories of others. And you do it so beautifully, both tasks. I'm glad you're in this world at the same time as me. Your sweet children, too.


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