Thursday, June 28, 2018

Breathing space

"Look, I want to say,
The worst thing you can imagine has already
Zipped up its coat and is heading back
Up the road to wherever it came from."

—Tracey K. Smith, from Life on Mars


So does that mean the worst thing I can imagine won't actually happen, or that it already has? Also, I could dream in that room all day long, drinking in lightness and air.


  1. What a glorious space. I love the simplicity and light.

  2. That IS an amazing room. Where is it, do you know?

    I think the answer to your other question remains to be seen!

    1. Steve, that room is in Antwerp, Belgium. I literally fell into it on @roomporn's insta.

  3. What a beautiful space. The partial divider at the ceiling is gorgeous!

    I don't agree with any interpretation of that quote that I can imagine. I don't think the worst thing has decided not to visit, and I don't think it has already been and gone. But I do tend toward pessimism, so I hope I'm wrong.

  4. would that the worst had already happened. I don't think we've seen it yet though. and yes a gorgeous room but so white! I'd be afraid to touch everything!

  5. I love the light in that room. Beautiful. I don't think the worst has already happened, but I think we are careening towards it at a speed I would have never imagined.

  6. A beautiful room where? And yes, we are careening at warp speed...

  7. I want that room. I love the quote. Can we just stay here forever?

  8. thank you for this peace...IT is my new screen saver- sublime!

  9. That room is the perfect oasis. Can we share?

  10. I like the quote, and I love that room! I could spend the rest of my life in that space. And now off I go to follow roomporn on instagram. xo